Hilmar Klupsch

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Physiotherapy: "So that things get moving"

The team

We are a committed team of ten physiotherapists with various additional qualifications, such as:

  • neurophysiological treatment according to the Bobath concept for children and adults as well as the e-technique by Hanke and psychomotoric exercise treatment
  • manual lymph drainage
  • craniosacral therapy
  • various breathing therapy techniques

Our work

The areas of responsibility of the physiotherapists affiliated to the Department of Anaesthesiology range from pre- and postoperative management of patients undergoing heart and vascular surgery, including adults, children and infants to the treatment of patients on long-term controlled ventilation. Every patient is prepared for surgery with selective respiratory therapy and subsequently treated with respiratory and physical therapy during the entire early and late postoperative phase. Managing patients who have to be ventilated over a longer period of time is another of the physiotherapist's duties.

Early mobilisation of patients following myocardial infarctions, treatment of patients with respiratory complications associated with heart failure as well as stimulation of infants and toddlers with developmental anomalies and retardation are carried out at the German Heart Centre Munich.

The role of the physiotherapist includes

  • inhalation therapy (with respirator as well),
  • respiratory therapy,
  • physiotherapeutic complete or partial treatment on an individual basis or in coronary groups,
  • partial massage,
  • manual lymph drainage,
  • cold and heat applications,
  • testing and therapy of functional development as well as
  • physiotherapy on a neurophysiological basis for infants and toddlers.

Differentiated physiotherapy adapted to the individual's needs contributes greatly to the success of technically complex surgical procedures as well as to the conservative treatment of cardiac patients.